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I believe in freedom of speech. I believe in Press Freedom. What I don’t believe is that those freedoms are absolute. In 2015, a terrorist attack on the largely previously unknown French “Charlie Hebdo” publication left 14 people dead, after the paper published a cartoon mocking the Islamic Prophet Mohammed. There was no excuse, no justification for the taking of lives simply because they published what over 1.6 billion people, Muslims, would consider extremely offensive. However, the event brought about a debate on what freedoms we enjoy and how those freedoms can be enjoyed without giving credence to outright bigotry, racism and the degradation of others.

Since that time, Charlie Hebdo has published several other, openly racist, clearly bigoted cartoons, about migrants dying at sea and most offensive to date; a cartoon depicting a 2 year old refugee who died at sea, Aylan Kurdi, as a “future monkey rapist.”


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Fashion/Model Agent/Manager WANTED

Fashion & Model Agent/Manager WANTED

REPORTING TO: Delan Modeling Management
APPLY BY: June 10, 2014
START DATE: Immediate
COMMITMENT: 1 Year (3 month probation period)

About Delan Modeling Management – Delan Models
Delan Modeling Management is Kisumu’s and Western Kenya’s premier plus size modeling agency. It intends to be ambassador championing for the appreciation of the full-figured women in society. Depicting that not only can they be successful in business, or career but also in the runway showing new fashion trends and lifestyles.
Plus-size model is a term applied to a person who is engaged primarily in modeling plus-size clothing. Plus-size models also engaged in work that is not strictly related to selling large-sized clothing, e.g., photography, advertising photography for cosmetics, household and pharmaceutical products and sunglasses, footwear and watches.
Therefore plus-size models do not exclusively wear garments marketed as plus-size clothing. This is especially true when participating in fashion editorials for mainstream fashion magazines.
Delan Modeling Management is an initiative of Amazing Kisumu

The Position – Fashion Modeling Agent/Manager
Delan Modeling Management thus requires employing a reputable fashion models manager/agent who will be tasked with:
• Attending runway shows and open casting calls to find new models to bring into the field, as well as maintain schedules, appointments and photo shoots for existing models working under their agency. The agent will scout new talent and book jobs for the models she represents.
• Fashion model agents’ first need to sell themselves in order to get noticed.
• Agents have to be aggressive and passionate about the industry and cannot be afraid to go out of their way to attend events and promote themselves to get their name out there.
• The fashion world is extremely fast-paced and filled with competition.
• Agents need to be able to work under intense pressure and stressful situations. If an agent’s model is about to do a runway show and they have a serious wardrobe malfunction moments before they are expected to walk the runway, the agent will often have to think quickly to hide the flaw or find an alternative outfit.
• Agents must be able to handle a high-stress environment and think on their feet. Modeling agents frequently work long and unusual hours. They may be needed last minute to attend a photo shoot with a client, or assist a client in rehearsing for an upcoming fashion show.
• She needs strong people skills to maintain relationships with her models and with photographers, creative directors and other decision-makers in the modeling industry.

Requirements & Job Description
They are busy marketing collections for designers, creating fashion ad campaigns and filling the ranks of retail merchandising and management. Whether working for designers, ad agencies, fashion journals or retail establishments, their responsibility is to move fashion.
Marketing managers will create marketing strategies and campaigns to generate consumer interest in fashion and textile products. Fashion marketing advertises clothing lines to a target audience by creating a story, designing ads and getting the collection seen.
Marketers are ultimately responsible for making the consumer want the product. Expectations are high as marketers create brand desirability, stimulate sales and set fashion standards. They read consumer trends assuring adequate supplies without excess. They are responsible for what we see on the racks at retail establishments, and when they fail, what we see on the clearance rack.
Marketing and management requires a great deal of fashion savvy.
Understanding trend cycles, the ability to read numbers and create projections and possessing an affinity with the targeted consumer are basic requirements. Others are:
• She/he must have a broad knowledge of fashion, modeling, photography, casting agencies, and directors as well as how they are all connected within the industry.
• She/he not only assigns models to specific jobs, but often works with them on creating a successful career. She/he helps them decide if they’re more suited to a career on the editorial side, such as modeling for fashion magazines, or on the commercial side, such as campaigns for clothing lines, perfumes and other consumer products.
• She/he will also help the model clients cultivate the right personal style and image for the type of career they want.
• She/he must also be someone the models can depend on, especially when dealing with underage models.
• She/he will be able to determine a models’ potential and find events or castings that are right for each particular model and their strengths.
• A model agent must maintain his/her cool no matter what, even when dealing with an unhappy client or a difficult model.
• The job also requires diplomacy and tact, to foster healthy relationships.
• She/he also needs extensive industry knowledge and experience, and must stay informed of developments such as which photographers are working with which magazines.
• They must understand the preferences and working styles of everyone from art directors to photographers if they want to match them with the most suitable models.
• She/he will negotiate the terms of a model’s contract
• She must be detail-oriented, skilled in juggling multiple tasks and able to handle the several important decisions she must make throughout the day.
• She/he also acts as a go-between, handling interactions between the models and the other clients she/he represents, such as magazines and corporate marketing directors.
• It’s his/her responsibility to ensure the models show up on time and are ready to work; if any of them behave unprofessionally, it reflects badly on him/her.

How to Apply
• Please attach the following documents: Cover letter explaining interest in the position and fit for the role and CV/resume.
• All applications must be done through email, via:
• The deadline for submission is June 10, 2014

DISCLAIMER: The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of the work being performed. The statements are not intended to be an exhaustive list of all possible duties, tasks, and responsibilities. Management reserves the right to amend and change responsibilities to meet organizational needs as necessary.
Please note that Delan Modeling Management will never request any form of payment from an applicant. We are an equal opportunity employer.

MODEL 1: Achieng’ Cynthia, Obadha


Cynthia Achieng Obadha is a 1st year student at USIU studying Business Management with IT

Her inspiration is actually her confidence. In whatever she does, she never allows anything bring or weigh her down. That’s a strength indeed.

She see’s herself being a plus size super model.

Her hometown is Kisumu City, and this is where you will find her during the college vacations/breaks.

Her hobbies are:

  • dancing
  • going for walks and
  • photography

She Likes:  

  • Photography
  • Having fun with friends
  • Traveling and
  • Going out

She dislikes disappointments. Continue reading MODEL 1: Achieng’ Cynthia, Obadha